Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Helsinki Metropolitan Area is a lively region with bustling cities, small idyllic towns and wild nature. Many top-notch institutions of higher education are spread around the region. If you choose to study in the area, you might be living in one of the following cities and towns.

-- Vaakuna - Helsinki (vaakuna_helsinki.jpg)Helsinki

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland. With a population of nearly 590,000, it is also the largest city in Finland. Helsinki spreads from mainland Finland to nearby islands and is strongly characterized by the Baltic Sea.

The City of Helsinki

-- Vaakuna - Espoo (vaakuna_espoo.jpg)


With its 250,000 inhabitants Espoo is the second largest city in Finland, located right next to Helsinki. It is easy to commute between Espoo and Helsinki with outstanding public transportation.

The City of Espoo

-- Vaakuna - Kauniainen (vaakuna_kauniainen.jpg)


Kauniainen is a small town located in the middle of Espoo, ca. 15 kilometers west from Helsinki. 38 % of its inhabitants speak Swedish as their mother tongue. Excellent public transportation connects Kauniainen to Helsinki and other metropolitan area cities.

The Town of Kauniainen

-- Vaakuna - Vantaa (vaakuna_vantaa.jpg)


Vantaa is the fourth largest city in Finland with a population of over 200,000. It borders Helsinki and Espoo and is known for its international airport. Commuting from Vantaa to Helsinki and other neighboring cities and towns is quite easy.

The City of Vantaa

-- Vaakuna - Lahti (vaakuna_lahti.jpg)


Lahti, the eight largest city in Finland, has a population of over 100,000 and is located in the heart of Southern Finland. Though a bit further away from the capital, it is still part of the Helsinki metropolitan area. The city is well connected to Helsinki: it takes only an hour by train to commute between the cities.

The City of Lahti

-- Vaakuna - Hämeenlinna (vaakuna_hameenlinna.jpg)


Hämeenlinna is a beautiful town of ca. 66,000 inhabitants in Southern Finland. It is located approximately 100 kilometers from the capital but still considered part of the metropolitan area and well connected to Helsinki.

The Town of Hämeenlinna

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